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Birth is a wonderful time for women, their partners and their families. As a midwife, its is a great honour and priviledge to share in this breath taking experience.

When a woman gets to know her midwife during pregnancy, a bond of trust and understanding develops and the emotional support the midwife can give can help the mother feel confident, strong and empowered. Our mums and families can expect open and honest communication with their midwife. We support safe and culturally sensitive care to our clients.

Our midwives are truly devoted to mothers, babies and their families and our goal is to assist you to have the experience of birth that you desire.

We believe that pregnancy and birth are normal processes for most women and that women, their families and the midwife are equal partners in this beautiful journey We feel it is very important that women know that they are in control of their birth experience and to be able to achieve this, it is our role as midwives to provide mothers and their families with sound evidenced based information on all the available options at any stage. We hope that clients under our care feel supported in their choices, what ever they might be.

The midwives at BUBS4U have many years experience in low and high risk pregnancies and are devoted to providing the very best multi-cultural care to the women of Christchurch.



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